Missed March's Tour? Keep your eyes peeled for another Mystery Tour that will be even bigger, even badder, and contain even LESS vomit this time (srzly guyz, c'mon, yolono vomiting frealz).

Mystery Tour is a traveling rendezvous. 60 lucky MT fellows will be seated on a spacious bus and transported to various Bay area locales, secrets, and favorite spots.

Sound wholesome? WRONG. Equate Mystery Tour to a mobile Frat Party, but without the obligatory barf, piss, and sexual harassment.

Mystery Tour will last from 1:30pm - 2am. There are two pick-up locations and times, so please take care to plan where and when you hop on.

  • Pick up 1: 16th and Mission @ 1:35-1:50pm
  • Pick up 2: Union and Van Ness @ 2:15-2:30pm


  • + Swimsuit
  • + Towel
  • + Water
  • + $$$
  • + Your ID, duh
  • + Drinks for the ride
  • + Snacks if you get food-anxiety
  • + Extra clothes and warm stuff
  • + Your party face
      • When will you announce where you're taking me?

        You won't find out until you get there! We have it all planned out and can promise it will be awesome. Just come along for the adventure!

      • Will you leave me if I miss the bus?

        Yes! Actually. We will actually leave you. We really, freaking will. We will always leave at the stated times. Recalibrate those west-coast clocks people because we. mean. business.

      • Why are you making me pay money?

        As it turns out, renting giant buses is kinda expensive.

      • Can I drink or eat on the bus?

        Heck to the yes! Please bring your fave bevs. I'll be riding with a camelback of Vodka and 6 Nature Valley bars.

      • Can I barf on the bus?

        No. Fuck you. In fact, if you barf on the bus, you will owe us $500 for a bus-cleaning fee. Seriously.

      • Can I buy my ticket day of?

        No! You must pre-purchase your ticket ahead of time.

      • When and where shall I catch the bus?

        16th and Mission @ 1:35-1:50pm

        Union and Van Ness @ 2:15--2:30pm